National Foot Health Awareness Month Tips for People with Diabetes


            April is a great month because it introduces new beginnings to our lives. April is also great because it’s National Foot Health Awareness Month. Everyone should be taking care of their feet, but patients with diabetes need to pay especially close attention to their foot health. So, if you are living with diabetes and have let your foot health routine dwindle in the winter months, then those of us here at Bay Podiatry Associates would like to invite you to celebrate National Foot Health Awareness Month by reintroducing these healthy habits to your life.

Check Your Feet

            If you’ve had your feet hidden under winter boots and slippers for the last couple of months, you might be overdue for a self-inspection of your feet. Even when you’re not currently experiencing any abnormal pain, you should get in the habit of inspecting your feet daily for the following:

Any of these issues might cause a wound that could become infected, so it’s best to always keep an eye out for them.

Get the Right Shoes

            If you’re looking for new sneakers for the warmer weather, make sure to find a pair that fits comfortably and supports your feet properly. Any pair of shoes you wear should be:

  • Loose-fitting around the toes to prevent rubbing

  • Without abrasive seams or long, irritating tags

  • Supportive of your arch – you may also consider being fitted for custom orthotics

Learn to Optimize Your Blood Flow

            As an individual with diabetes, you need to make sure your blood is circulating as freely as possible. This will ensure that plenty of the fluid is reaching your feet to prevent nerve damage and the development of neuropathy. Diabetes naturally inhibits blood flow, but you can counteract it by:

  • Wearing socks without tight, elastic bands

  • Reducing or quitting smoking altogether

  • Maintaining healthy blood sugar levels

Most importantly, if you have diabetes and don’t already have a regular podiatrist, then this Foot Health Awareness Month is the time to get one. If you’re located near Brooklyn, NY, our podiatrist, Dr. Argirios Mantzoukas, can help you create healthy habits to keep you walking happily this April and for all the months to come. Make an appointment online or call (718) 266-1986 today.