What Can Orthotics Do for You?


            In New York City, we rely on our feet a lot. Between running to catch a bus, chasing kids through the park, and still finding time to exercise daily, the stress on your feet really adds up. Now, some pain and swelling in your feet after a full day of activity is to be expected. But what should you do when the pain just won’t go away? We’d all love to get off our feet for a while, but it’s just not a reality for most of us. If you’re experiencing unusual pain after routine use of your feet, it may be time to get fitted for custom orthotics.

What Are Orthotics?

            Orthotics are also known as shoe inserts. Unlike insoles that you might buy at your local retailer, prescription orthotics are made just for you. Everyone’s feet are shaped differently and, therefore, interact differently with the ground as we walk. The goal of orthotics is to work with the way you walk and provide support where you need it most to avoid injury.

What Can I Avoid with Orthotics?

            Regularly wearing orthotics has been proven effective in preventing a number of conditions and ailments. Some of these ailments are as simple as walking pain, but they can also help prevent more serious conditions often associated with diabetes. If you’re currently experiencing any of the following foot conditions, then it’s time to talk to your doctor about orthotics:

How Do I Get Orthotics?

            Since your orthotics will be made for you and you alone, only a podiatrist can give you the comprehensive foot evaluation that’s necessary to be properly fitted for inserts. While you may find some relief from over-the-counter alternatives, it’s always best to consult a podiatrist. Our board-certified podiatrist Dr. Argirios Mantzoukas, DPM is ready to evaluate your feet today and fit your orthotics to suit your active lifestyle. Make an appointment online or call (718) 266-1986 for Bay Podiatry Associates in Brooklyn, New York today.