Why Does My Calf Hurt?


Pain in your calf can be debilitating, even to the point of impeding your ability to perform basic tasks. You might not know that calf pain could be a symptom of several serious foot concerns. Your whole leg is linked, from your toes to your hips. If one thing is wrong in one place, it could be throwing off your gait, which could be a source of pain. We put together these five common potential causes of calf pain:

1.       Overuse – this one is the most obvious and least threatening cause of calf pain. If you’ve recently started a new exercise program or picked up a new sport, calf pain could be just your body’s way of telling you to take it a little easier for a bit.

2.       Injury – maybe you made an amazing, spectacular play that won the game, but also caused you to severely overreach. This could easily lead to a torn muscle or tendon in your lower leg. Achilles tendon inflammation can also be a possibility. Either of these injuries requires medical treatment.

3.       Chronic foot problem – sometimes foot or ankle issues cause chronic pain in your calves. Flatfeet is a common example that can cause calf pain. Equinus is a condition in your ankle joints that can also cause your calves to hurt.

4.       Deep Vein Thrombosis – this is a serious medical issue where blood clots develop deep in the calf. It is a condition that doctors watch for if you’ve recently had surgery or taken a long flight. This is a potentially life-threatening issue. If you have any suspicion that this could be the cause of your calf pain, it needs to be dealt with immediately.

5.       Peripheral Vascular Disease – this is a circulatory issue that impacts blood flow to your legs. PVD can cause calf pain that is noticeable when you are walking or if your legs are elevated while in a sitting position.

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