10 Healthy Foot Tips


Healthy, happy feet are essential to carrying out many daily activities and to lead a life of health and wellness. Neglecting your feet can lead to lifelong pain and discomfort. That’s why we here at Bay Podiatry Associates put together 10 easy tips to help keep your feet happy and healthy.

10 easy tips for happy, healthy feet:

  1. Get to know your feet! Check your feet for any changes in color or feel or for any new growths. If you have diabetes, check them even more frequently! If you notice an open wound, call your podiatrist.

  2. Keep them clean! Wash your feet every day with soap and warm water. Afterwards, ensure you dry them well to avoid fungal growths. Pay special attention to between your toes.

  3. Dress them! Bacteria and fungi congregate heavily in wet, warm places like locker rooms or public pools. Always wear shower shoes in those places.

  4. But dress them right! Wear canvas or mesh shoes that allow air to circulate and allow your feet to “breathe.”

  5. Not too tight (or loose)! Shoes that don’t fit right can lead to long-term foot issues. When buying new shoes, always get your feet professionally measured.

  6. Keep them dry! Bacteria loves a moist environment. Minimize sweaty feet by wearing cotton socks. Bring an extra pair of socks to change if needed.

  7. Trim your nails correctly! Trim straight across with no rounded edges and not too close to avoid ingrown toenails.

  8. Don’t share! If you’re sharing shoes and socks, you might also be sharing bacteria.

  9. Clean salons only! If you’re going in for a pedicure, make absolutely sure the place is clean and safe.

  10. See a podiatrist! If you have any issues in your feet or ankles, a podiatrist can utilize their years of training and experience to help diagnose and treat your woes.

If you are experiencing any issues in your feet or ankle, we’re here to help! Here at Bay Podiatry Associates, our board-certified podiatrist Dr. Argirios Mantzoukas is here to diagnose the source of discomfort and send you towards the best treatment path. To schedule an appointment in our Brooklyn office, give us a call today at (718) 266-1986.