5 Common Sports Injury Causes


As the air cools off a bit from the sweltering summer, children start choosing fall activities to involve themselves in. Unfortunately, a lot of these activities come directly with injuries. 

Here at Bay Podiatry Associates, we see a ton of sports injuries in the fall! The truth is, with a little forethought, most of these injuries are completely preventable. We’ve put together some of the most common reasons we see sports injuries in our office and tips for avoiding them:

  1. Getting too active too quickly – many children have been completely sedentary over the summer, choosing hours of video games versus getting outside and staying active. When they go from couch potato to running back overnight, it can do a number on their muscles. To prevent ending up with a tendon, muscle, or bone injury, we recommend easing into sports season. Make sure you’re stretching before practice and resting when needed.

  2. Poorly-run routines or drills – speaking of practice, make sure you’re doing that right too! Practice should always begin with a good stretch and a warm-up activity before starting more strenuous activities. The intensity and duration of workouts should increase gradually and also be varied. We see a lot of injuries from repetitive pressure on the same spot of the foot, such as plantar fasciitis.

  3. Equipment that doesn’t fit or is outdated – always inspect your kids’ equipment before the season starts. Check for any wears and tears. Worn-out equipment always increases the risk of injury. If you can afford to, try to start the season with new shoes and equipment. 

  4. Poor field conditions – if the place where your child will be running and playing has holes, mounds, or divots, that’s just asking for a sprained ankle! Tell your coach or someone in charge if you notice any of these issues.

  5. Poor coaching – some coaches play with the attitude of “no pain, no gain.” That is simply not true; pain is your body’s way of telling you that something is wrong! Playing through painful conditions can lead to permanent foot or ankle damage. Don’t be afraid to speak up if necessary!

Obviously, there are injuries that still happen even with all precautions! If you sustain an injury, our board-certified podiatrist Dr. Argirios Mantzoukas is here to get you on the road to treatment. To schedule an appointment, give us a call today at (718) 266-1986.