Texting and Walking Can Be Dangerous Too


Media attention to smartphones often focuses on the danger of its addictive nature, likening it to drug and alcohol addiction. There have been countless PSAs discussing the danger of using these addictive devices in perilous situations. You hear story after heart wrenching story about peoples’ lives being tragically cut short when they were distracted by their phones while driving. Just as dangerous though, is staring at a screen while walking!

Many people don’t notice the dangers they are in while their noses are stuck in their phones. They could be creating a cloud of chaos all around them and still be blissfully unaware. People have sustained a wide range of foot injuries thanks to walking and texting.

Walking and texting foot and ankle injuries include:

Some of the injuries people sustain now might have been legitimately laughable before smartphones were so prevalent. Here are a few smartphone-staring scenarios that have or could have resulted in serious injury:

  • Falling down a flight of stairs
  • Tripping over a curb
  • Twisting an ankle after falling into a fountain
  • Walking into lampposts and road signs
  • Stepping on someone’s dog
  • Walking right out into oncoming traffic

If you’re a regular walker, we applaud you! Walking is a great way to stay fit and keep your body healthy. Another great way to stay healthy is to tuck any distracting devices away somewhere you won’t be tempted to check every few feet. It’s best to wait until you arrive at your destination before peeking at your device and shutting out the world around you.

Many accidents caused by distracted pedestrians could lead to foot or ankle injury. If you’ve sustained an injury to your feet or ankles, we’re here to help you out (you don’t even have to admit it was because of your phone!). Here at Bay Podiatry Associates, our board-certified podiatrist, Dr. Argirios Mantzoukas, can answer any questions you might have related to foot and ankle care. We’re here to ensure great foot health for life. To schedule an appointment, give us a call today at (718) 266-1986.