Stay Safe During Gym Workouts


Have you been striving for a new exercise regimen? Maybe you’ve tried getting in an early-morning run, just to rediscover you’re not a morning person. Or maybe you’ve even purchased at-home workout equipment, just to watch it gather dust as you tend to the daily distractions of home life. One solid workout plan that is open any time and is generally distraction-free is the gym! If you’re considering joining a gym to stay fit and healthy – good for you! We’re proud that you’re taking steps to keep your body in shape. We want to make sure you do it safely though!

Follow these tips to keep yourself (including your feet and ankles) safe at the gym:

  • Know your limits. Pushing yourself past your point of exhaustion can be dangerous. Listen to your body when you’re working out. If your muscles are aching, they’re telling you they are fatigued and ready to take a break. If your muscles give out on you from overexertion, you could end up dropping a weight on your foot and causing a painful fracture!
  • Hey, can you spot me? Having a workout buddy or a spotter is necessary. Working out alone can put you in very dangerous situations, especially if you’re pushing your body to its limits. Have someone you trust workout with you so you don’t get into any trouble.
  • Check the equipment. Test workout machines with lighter weights or resistance to make sure it’s working properly. It can cause great injury if you start a workout on a machine that is bent or nearly broken.
  • Wear the right shoes for the right workouts. There are gym shoes made for whatever physical activity you are getting into. Check in with your local athletic store for the best fit and type for your activity.
  • Speaking of shoes – wear them everywhere! If you’re showering at the gym, make sure you bring a nice, clean pair of shower shoes. Fungus and bacteria hang out in wet, public areas like gym showers. Avoid nasty infections by staying safe.

Follow these safety tips at the gym and your feet will thank you for keeping them safe and your body will thank you for keeping it healthy!  If you’re starting a new workout regimen and have questions about your foot health, or if you’ve suffered a workout injury to your feet or ankles, it’s time to consult your podiatrist. Dr. Argirios Mantzoukas at Bay Podiatry Associates, treats any and all foot and ankle issues and stays ahead of the curve of podiatric procedures. To schedule an appointment, call our convenient Brooklyn office at 718-266-1986.