4 Ways to Help Your Feet Age Right


When your feet ache, it makes you not want to do anything. As people grow older and arthritis, diabetes, circulation issues, and nerve damage arise more frequently, immobility can become a reality. At Bay Podiatry Associates, we treat patients of all ages and can help you remain active and healthy for as long as possible by mitigating any debilitating foot issues.

As we age, our joints tend to wear down and things don’t function as smoothly as they can. Some aging processes are impossible to avoid altogether, but there are a lot of steps you can take to slow down their progress and avoid pain. 

These four tips will help your feet stay healthy well into your golden years. 

  1. Stay active. Exercising regularly can be a huge boon to your health at any stage of your life. Walking, lifting weights, stretching, and yoga are all great exercises to keep your heart pumping and your blood circulating well. Talk to your doctor about good exercise regimens for your age and lifestyle.
  2. Reach out for daily care. As people age it can be painful to bend over and reach their feet to continue daily care. Hands are sometimes shakier and vision is fleeting as the years climb even higher. These issues can make it tough to continue basic foot care, like trimming toenails or washing important areas. If you’re having trouble, ask a relative or a friend, or book an appointment to see Dr. Argirios Mantzoukas. He can assist with the care your feet need to stay healthy and clean.
  3. Wear proper shoes. Comfortable shoes that fit right are necessary for healthy aging feet. Tight shoes squeeze the toes and cause corns, hammertoe, or other foot issues. Loose shoes can slip and rub, causing blisters. Blisters are especially dangerous for our diabetic patients as they can lead to problematic ulcers. Consider orthotics or shoe inserts for extra comfort.
  4. Check for changes. Look and feel your feet checking for any changes or growths. Skin color changes, nail color or thickness changes, changes in any moles, and loss of feeling are all things you should bring to your podiatrist’s attention.

Follow these tips and your feet will thank you well into your elder years. If you’re looking for routine foot care as you age, or have any questions about keeping your feet healthy, call our convenient Brooklyn office at 718-266-1986.

If your shoes have caused damage to your feet, or you’re suffering from any foot issues, it’s time to consult your podiatrist. Dr. Argirios Mantzoukas at Bay Podiatry Associates, treats any and all foot and ankle issues and stays abreast of the latest in footwear technology and podiatric procedures. To schedule an appointment, call our convenient Brooklyn office at 718-266-1986.