Check Your Feet Before You Wreck Your Feet


Between podiatric checkups with Dr. Mantzoukasat Bay Podiatry, you can ensure your own foot health by performing self check ups. Patients who know their feet well can catch foot conditions in the earliest stages, when it is often easier to curb or correct whatever is happening. 

Here are 4 ways you can check yourself regularly to avoid a huge pain in the foot:

  1. How do your feet look? Swelling, changes in color, and new bumps, bruises, blisters, or rashes can all point to a problem. If you notice these issues, it could be a sign of something like athlete’s foot, or it could point to a larger issue like diabetes. 
  2. Do your feet hurt? Do you have aching, throbbing, pinching, or burning in your feet? Acute, intense pain is an obvious sign that there’s something going on with your feet. Sometimes though, pain comes in waves, or only happens at certain times of the day or after certain activities. Keep note of any pain you feel in your feet and call our office if it persists. 
  3. How does that feel? Run a dull object across your whole foot from toe to heel, and side to side. Is the sensation equal throughout? Loss of feeling in any part or all of your foot can be a sign of nerve damage or of diabetes.
  4. Can you stand straight? Lift your arms to the side, stand on one foot, and close your eyes. How’s your balance? Are you standing up straight, or are you stumbling over more than you would have thought? Balance problems can indicate several disorders in your feet, neurological, or in your nerves.

Regular foot inspections can help paint a picture of how healthy your feet are. This will help you tell your podiatrist if you’ve experienced changes or abnormalities. If you have any questions about something you find during a self check, contactour conveniently located Brooklyn office or make an appointment online