Not Speaking Greek About Orthotics


The word orthotic comes from the Greek word meaning “to straighten or align.” At Bay Podiatry Associates, we know a little more about orthotics than we know Greek. We specialize in creating custom orthotics that are specially made to support and comfort your feet. These prescription-made orthotics are crafted specially to match the contours of your feet and help you retain comfort. 

Custom orthotics can be prescribed to heal chronic foot conditions and correct medical biomechanical foot issues. They can also help reduce stress and pain while playing sports. Through a comprehensive evaluation of your feet, ankles, legs, and lifestyles, a custom orthotic can be made to accommodate your unique foot structure.

Orthotics Can Help Your Feet in Many Ways

There are two main purposes that prescription orthotics fill: accommodative and functional. Accommodative orthotics are flexible and provide cushioning and support that helps ease pain in certain areas of your feet. Functional orthotics are more rigid and help solve motion issues causing pain your feet and ankle.

At Bay Podiatry Associates, we prescribe orthotics to help patients with numerous foot an ankle issues, including:

Orthotics for Children

Many people believe that children will “grow out” of certain foot ailments or deformities. Some foot complications won’t change as they grow and can cause great pain once they become adults. Our doctors can custom-fit orthotics to your child that will be re-formed as they grow. This will help alleviate any ongoing issues and prevent the possibility of any complications in the future.

If you have foot or ankle pain, or have any of the previously listed ailments, contact us today at (718) 266-1986. Dr. Argirios Mantzoukas can assess the situation and work to evaluate the best type of orthotic for you. Bay Podiatry Associates operates three conveniently located offices in Bensonhurst, South Brooklyn, and Bath Beach that are equipped with advanced foot care technologies and a dedicated, friendly staff.