Is a Neuroma Driving You Nuts?


A neuroma is a benign growth of nerve tissues that can come with a lot of pain, burning, tingling, or numbness. This growth often referred to as a “pinched nerve,” usually pops up between the third and fourth toes. 

What causes a neuroma?

  • Deformities in the foot: Instability around the toes can lead to neuroma development, so people with high-arches or flat feet are often afflicted.
  • Trauma: Damage to the nerves themselves can cause them to swell up. This trauma could be one-time, or repeated stresses from work or athletic activities.
  • Improper footwear: high-heels are common culprits in neuroma formations. They increase pressure on your feet and stress the nerves.

Neuromas often come with pain, tingling, and swelling between the toes or in the front of your foot. At the first sign of this pain or discomfort, you should contact a podiatrist as symptoms tend to worsen if left untreated. Neuromas can’t be cured at home, but relief can be found by doing these things at home:


  • Wear shoes with room in the toes and shock-absorbent soles. Insoles can also help take pressure off.
  • Avoid high-heeled shoes that are over two inches tall. 
  • Rest your feet and massage the painful area. Ice packs can also help dull the pain.
  • Over-the-counter shoe pads can take the pressure off around the neuroma. 

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