Exercising Through Joint Pain


If you’re one of the many Americans who experiences joint pain, it can be nearly impossible to get motivated to keep up with exercise routines. Research shows, however, that regular exercise can help decrease inflammation, fatigue, and pain. It can also increase blood flow, build muscle strength, and improve your sleep quality. Some of your sports and other activities might be off the table, but there are lots of exercises you can safely do even with joint pain.

Try these exercises to help ease painful symptoms:

  • Stretching exercises: Joint pain from conditions like arthritis is often associated with joint stiffness. Increasing flexibility in your joints is key to preventing further decrease in range of motion. Slowly stretch to warm up your muscles and joints before you do any other kind of exercise.

  • Strengthening exercises: Strengthening the muscles around your stiff and painful joints will improve their stability and protect them from any further damage. Try some simple exercises with resistance bands or light weights. Yoga and Pilates classes are also great ways to improve muscle strength.

  • Aerobic exercises: Keeping your heart and lungs fit will help maintain a healthy weight and improve your blood flow. Swimming, walking, and biking are great options.

Other helpful tips for exercising with joint pain:

  • Start slow. If you overdo it, you’ll end up in even more pain.

  • If you’re new to exercise, try stretching exercises first to ease your way in and improve your fitness.

  • Keep a journal and note if you ever have pain during or after an exercise.

  • Get a buddy to exercise with for safety, fun, and accountability.

  • Use props to minimize direct impact on your joints.

  • Practices like yoga and tai-chi can help you practice body awareness.

Before you start any new exercise regimen, you should always consult a medical professional – especially if you have arthritis. If you’re dealing with joint pain and stiffness, the staff here at Bay Podiatry Associates is here for you. Our board-certified podiatrist Dr. Argirios Mantzoukas has years of experience treating any and all foot and ankle-related issues. To schedule an appointment at our Brooklyn, NY office, give us a call today at (718) 266-1986.