Leave the Warts to the Toads


In cartoons and other media, warts are ugly, gross growths that only the “bad” characters possess. In real life, however, they’re simply common growths that result from a viral infection. In feet, the most common wart that we treat here at Bay Podiatry Associates is called the plantar wart. Plantar warts often appear as hard and flat and typically have small black dots in their centers. Other types of warts we see on the feet can have a raised, fleshy appearance and are often mistaken for calluses.

What if I get a wart?

There are a number of different options for wart treatment methods. Options we often recommend and prescribe include:

  • Topical medication

  • Injections

  • Excision

  • Laser therapy

If you notice a wart or any other growth anywhere on your feet, give us a call. Our foot doctor Dr. Argirios Mantzoukas will thoroughly examine your feet and the growth to determine if it is a plantar wart. If it is, he will discuss treatment options with you and help recommend what’s best for your situation. If a wart comes back after treatment, don’t get discouraged. It can take a fairly long time to get rid of the viral infection that causes warts. That’s why we recommend that you avoid “folk remedies” or any other at-home methods to remove warts. Not only are these methods ineffective, but if you attempt a bathroom surgery to remove a growth, you can do great harm to your feet.

Avoid the virus that causes warts

Warts can be spread very easily. The best way to prevent contracting them is to avoid contact from the virus that they stem from. This means always keeping your feet covered when you’re in public areas like gyms, locker rooms, community pools, dance studios, or changing areas. It also means avoiding sharing things like shoes, socks, pedicure tools, nail clippers, or towels that have come into contact with someone else’s feet. If you do have a wart, take extra caution not to touch it and to wash your hands if you do. Plantar warts can even spread to other parts of your body if you’re not careful!

If you have a wart or notice any other growth or change with your feet, give us a call today! Here at Bay Podiatry Associates, our board-certified podiatrist Dr. Argirios Mantzoukas has years of experience treating any and all foot and ankle-related issues.

To schedule an appointment at our Brooklyn, NY office, give us a call today at (718) 266-1986.