Dancing Away from Foot Pain


Dancers are constantly on their feet, putting them at risk for many foot and ankle issues. No matter what kind of dance they are doing, dancers put a lot of pressure and stress on their feet and ankles. Whether they are practicing or performing, they are working out tons of muscles and opening themselves up for potential injuries and issues. Foot care is necessary so that dancers can continue to practice their art and passion. That’s why we here at Bay Podiatry Associates put together a list of remedies for dancers suffering from common foot issues:

Suffering from blisters?

  • Give your feet a green tea soak. Green tea has anti-inflammatory properties that will ease pain and reduce swelling.

  • Wrap your toes in soft gauze to prevent corns and blisters on your toes that form from moisture and friction.

  • Apply spray deodorant on your feet to help prevent moisture buildup.

Are your feet dry and cracked?

  • Put ½ cup of baking soda and 3 cups of warm water in a basin or bucket. Soak your feet in there for up to half an hour. This will make your feet baby soft!

Getting cramps constantly?

  • Shift all your weight onto the cramping foot and bend your knees. Keeping that position for a few seconds will help stretch the foot out and ease the cramp.

  • Stay hydrated, especially when you’re dancing. Dehydration causes muscles to cramp.

  • Eat right. Ensure you’re getting enough vitamin D, magnesium, calcium, and potassium.

  • Always warm up properly before you dance. If your muscles go in without a warm-up, they will likely tear or stretch too rapidly.

Calluses slowing you down?

  • File calluses down with a pumice stone. Don’t get rid of them completely though, as they help protect your feet.

If you are a dancer who is experiencing any issues in your feet or ankles that we didn’t list above, we’re here to help! Here at Bay Podiatry Associates, our board-certified podiatrist Dr. Argirios Mantzoukas is here to diagnose the source of discomfort and send you towards the best treatment path. To schedule an appointment at our Brooklyn, NY office, give us a call today at (718) 266-1986.