Good Shoes Equal Good Foot Health


Here at Bay Podiatry Associates, if we could point to one thing that has a huge impact on your foot health, it would be your choice of shoes. Many of the foot and ankle conditions we see here daily can be caused by a patient wearing ill-fitting shoes. Many major foot issues are exacerbated by bad shoes. That’s why we put together this list of great shoe-fitting tips:

  • Your feet can grow and change even as you age. Get them measured professionally every time you purchase new shoes.

  • Do your shoe shopping at the end of the day when your feet are at their largest.

  • It’s normal to have one foot slightly larger than the other one. Buy shoes that fit your larger foot.

  • We recommend against wearing high heels, but if you absolutely need them, limit them to 2 inches or less. High heels force your toes together unnaturally, which can lead to bunions. They also put excessive pressure on the balls of your feet.

  • Make sure your toe box is roomy enough to wiggle your toes comfortably. Half an inch of space between the front of the shoe and your big toe is ideal.

  • Check the entire shoe for loose stitching or fabrics. Check also for any rough areas that could rub against your foot and cause blisters.

  • Try both shoes on and take them for a spin. It’s ok to take your time and wear them around the store for a few minutes. If they have different types of surfaces like carpet and tile, try the shoes on both.

  • Make sure they fit then and there. The “breaking-in time” is a myth with shoes.

  • Buy shoes to accommodate any foot condition that you already have.

If you are suffering from an issue brought about by an ill-fitting shoe, we are here to help! Here at Bay Podiatry Associates, our board-certified podiatrist, Dr. Argirios Mantzoukas, can help to diagnose and treat any foot or ankle issues you might be experiencing. To schedule an appointment at our Brooklyn, NY office, give us a call today at (718) 266-1986.